Blue Light Programmes

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  • Pool Parties
  • Farm Safe
  • PCT Fear Factor
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  • Supervision With Activity
  • Drug & Alcohol Programmes
  • Trolley Derbys
  • Blue EDGE
  • Kids Gone Fishin'
  • Blue Light BBQs
  • Short Film Competitions
  • Golf Day
  • Youth Driver Navigation Programme
  • Team Building
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    Blue Light Life Skills Camps and Leadership Programmes

    This programme focuses on leadership training, practical skills, respect, team work, self-confidence and leaderless tasks. After the conclusion of the the camp the role of the referrer becomes critical. Together with Blue Light the referrer works with the participant providing support linking the young person into future opportunities.

    Research shows that activity based education is an ideal vehicle to develop young people. Taking them away from the distractions of everyday life has proven to be extremely effective in teaching them ways to improve and manage their lives moving forward.

      Taught me never to give up on things, to aim for the highest and showed me how to enhance my future - Participant

      My 17 year old son was leaving school unsure what he wanted to do. He attended the Blue Light Course on which he excelled. Based on his performance on these he was granted early entry into the Defence Force. This programme has helped him to focus and gave him a clear direction for his career and subsequent future - Participant Parent

    Blue Light Life Skills Programme | Camp Achievements

    The following outputs have been achieved at our Blue Light Life Skills and Leadership camps thanks to our partners, the New Zealand Defence Force, the Police, Capital Training, Blue Light staff and volunteers.

    PCT Fear Factor

    The PCT is an event run each year with teams of intermediate age students participating in a variety of mental and physical challenges.

    Each year branches throughout New Zealand run local competitions to select their representatives to attend the National finals held at the Royal New Zealand Police college where one team will win the coveted National PCT Fear Factor Trophy and be crowned National Champions.

    Teams are required to participate in a series of challenges including the ‘police car push’ as well as complete the Police Competence Test (PCT) – the obstacle course used in the entry exams for new police recruits.

    Kids Gone Fishin'

    Blue Light in partnership with TV fishing celebrity and Blue Light Patron Graeme Sinclair, run a large number of ‘Kids Gone Fishin’ events around the country each year. These events bring young people and their parents together for quality time and enhance communication through the vehicle of fishing.

    These events also provide an opportunity for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to experience fishing as a recreational sport and build positive police, youth and community relationships.

    Events range in size from 50 to over 2,000 participants and family members.

    Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award

    Blue Light works in partnership with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award to deliver the programme into disadvantaged communities, rural secondary schools and in partnership with Refugee groups and the Police.

    Blue Light have developed Whakapuawai, a marae-based version of this programme to meet the needs of Cultural Responsiveness within many of these communities.

    The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award is delivered in four sections with young people doing physical activity, learning new skills, completing community service and doing overnight adventurous journeys through native forests.

    Many young people with the help of Blue Light have progressed through all levels of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award from Bronze to Gold.

    Rainbows End Fun days

    Each year Blue Light staff from around the country bring young people from their communities to New Zealand’s premier tourist attraction ‘Rainbows End’ for two days of action packed entertainment.

    Since the first event in the mid 90’s over 150,000 young people have had the opportunity to experience Rainbows End with Police and Blue Light Staff.

    Through community sponsorship Blue Light is able to offer this opportunity to young people from disadvantaged communities who otherwise could not afford such an experience.

    • Farm Safe

      Blue Light is working in conjunction with Worksafe New Zealand delivering a Farm Safety activity programme to rural and semi rural primary school students throughout New Zealand. The highly engaging programme was developed and designed by Blue Light for Year 3 to 6 students to improve attitudes to farm safety through engagement and participation in the programme both within the students school environment as well as working with their parents at home. With the further support of ACC in partnership with Worksafe the delivery of the programme will increase by over 200% in future years.

    • Bryan and Bobby

      Blue Light’s own children’s TV show 'Bryan & Bobby'. Over the years Bryan & Bobby have visited thousands of schools throughout New Zealand. Their messages cover a range of topics designed to get kids interested in crime prevention, road safety and social awareness. The programme provides the perfect introduction to further police and safety related education.

      Three series of this show were produced and are available as ‘Educational Kits’ including DVD’s of all programmes, a CD Rom and workbooks and have been distributed to over 2,500 primary schools around New Zealand. This is now also available as an Activity book.

    • Blue EDGE

      Blue EDGE ( Educate Develop Grow Empower) – An ‘in school’ programme of activity based experiential learning for young people between the ages of 14 and 18. Usually in groups of up to 20 for around 8-10 weeks with two to three sessions per week. The programme consists of; early morning tailored fitness programme, the provision of mentors and role models, communal breakfast, guest speakers throughout the programme around motivation and career choice, a final event – ‘The Longest Day’ – a 12 hour period of various challenges, culminating in an awards ceremony and presentation. A key aspect of the programme is the involvement of the local Blue Light Police Officers.

      The programme is aimed to; help young people build self-esteem and confidence through an activity based programme, provide advice and motivation, help develop long term goals, build positive relationships between young people and the NZ Police, help young people through challenge onto the road to success.

    • Handbooks

      Blue Light has produced and distributed through schools and The Warehouse a number of informative resource guides for young people and their parents. These include; The 'Parentsmart Handbook' and 'Street Smart' designed to help parents with teenagers by giving their parents access to up to date information. It's a great ‘go to guide' for parents needing a trusted resource/directory to find help with a whole range of issues facing our young people today.

      The Kidsmart 'Guide To Life' is a handbook written specifically for year nine students and provides information and contacts for further help on a huge range of topics which may be of concern to young teens.

      The 'Streetsmart Guide' is produced along the lines of our Kidsmart guide, but tailored toward Year 13 students about to leave home and school. Similar to Kidsmart but also includes information about budgeting, moving out, tenancy agreements, opening bank accounts and other things previously done by parents and caregivers.

    • Youth Driver Navigation Programme

      The Blue Light Youth Driver Navigator programme is designed to help support young people to ultimately get their full drivers licence. It is especially designed for those young people who may not have access to the right support to be able to learn to drive, e.g. a vehicle or someone to teach them to drive.

      The programme coordinator will manage the learner drivers through the three components of the driver licensing system of ; Learners, Restricted and Full Licences. Each learner driver is matched with a volunteer driver navigator who is trained and supported by the programme coordinator and a professional driving instructor. The driver navigators supervise the learner drivers practice driving in a vehicle provided by the programme. Licencing and course costs are met by the programme where the student does not have the means to do so.

      The programme is currently being piloted throughout the Bay of Plenty with plans to roll out Nationwide from 2019. 

    • Short Film Competitions

      Each year Blue Light, thanks to sponsorship from AA Insurance, gives students the chance to win cash for their school by producing a TV advertisement/Social Media Clip. The theme of this competition varies from year to year but is always based on addressing a current issue to our young people. Past themes have included Drink Driving and Anti Bullying.

      The competition is based around peer education and action based learning. Due to the competition including drama and film as well as covering health and safety messages the competition fits into a number of key curriculum areas such as English, Drama, Film Studies and Health & Social Sciences.

    • Supervision With Activity

      Supervision with Activity is a programme which offers a wide range of options in responding to Young People who have committed serious offences. The Programmes is an alternative to custody and it is the highest non-custodial sentence available in the Youth Court. Supervision with Activity Programmes can address addiction, anger management, self-esteem and family support issues to decrease the likelihood or reoffending.

    • BLAST    

      BLAST ( Blue Light Alternative Strategy for Teenagers) activities and workshop are largely focused on building trust and problem-solving skills in young people. The objectives of these activities are to provide support and help young people to learn the skills that will help them to succeed in their endeavours. Some of the key skills student learn through these are activities are; Learning about working with others in a team to achieve a goal;

      Building their trust levels with others;
      Learning strategies for problem-solving;
      Having the experience of being trustworthy; Learning the importance of asking for support when required, plus many more – all delivered in a fun activity based workshop.

    Adventure Weekends

    Other examples of programmes run nationally by Blue Light include the following:

  • Prosper Youth mentoring programmes
  • Touch Rugby Tournaments
  • Golf Tournaments and Golf Fundraising Events
  • Adventure based camps
  • Leadership camps
  • Team building days
  • International Cultural Exchange trips
  • Blue Light Alternative Strategies for Teens – activities and challenges
  • National and International Conferences
  • For more information about any of our national programmes please: CLICK HERE