Blue Light

Community Engagement

Across New Zealand Blue Light works with its Blue Light branches to do a variety of community engagement. The Blue Light Obstacle Course (BLOK) is the latest community engagement programme and is a giant inflatable obstacle course, 33 metres long, that has been designed for all primary school children, regardless of ability, to easily participate in physical activity and have fun while doing so!

Inflatables were originally developed for children experiencing disability as it offered a way for children to play physically without hurting themselves, and to provide an accessible range of activity for all children regardless of issues of coordination, weight, or fitness.

Once at the desired location, the obstacle course is inflated, set up and supervised by Blue Light staff, local Police and Blue Light members. This includes ensuring appropriate numbers of children are on the obstacle course at any one time, and that children are engaging in ‘safe’ and ‘appropriate’ activity when upon the course.

Also involved in the programme are additional activities, such as tug of war rope, cargo nets for the young people to crawl under and planks to balance upon.

After everyone has had the chance to participate, schools can then choose to engage in competitive races with the young people participating alongside the local police.

Alongside the physical activities young people get to enjoy a BBQ lunch alongside Blue Light staff, local Police and Blue Light members.

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