Blue Light


Blue Light has produced and distributed through schools and The Warehouse a number of informative resource guides for young people and their parents. These include; The ‘Parentsmart Handbook’ and ‘Streetsmart’ designed to help parents with teenagers by giving their parents access to up to date information. It’s a great ‘go to guide’ for parents needing a trusted resource/directory to find help with a whole range of issues facing our young people today.

The Kidsmart ‘Guide To Life’ is a handbook written specifically for year nine students and provides information and contacts for further help on a huge range of topics which may be of concern to young teens.

The ‘Streetsmart Guide’ is produced along the lines of our Kidsmart guide, but tailored toward Year 13 students about to leave home and school. Similar to Kidsmart but also includes information about budgeting, moving out, tenancy agreements, opening bank accounts and other things previously done by parents and caregivers.

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